Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mexican Food Make-Over (Spanish Cauli-Rice Recipe)

I am a born & raised, Texas-loving girl to the core.  If there is one thing I miss about living in Texas, besides being close to family, it's Tex-Mex food!!  The husband & I are still going strong on an 80/20 grain-free life-style, and up to this point Mexican food has been a bit tricky.  We have adjusted to substituting lettuce leaf for tortillas.  However, I was still missing & craving spanish rice.  Insert cauliflower to the rescue!!!  I know I say this a lot, but this recipe has been tested, kid-approved, and this past weekend I served it at a dinner party and everyone was complimenting the "rice".  I loved seeing all the facial reactions & disbelief when I told them it was actually all vegetables.  I promise this is a sure win-win for your family!  It's super easy to throw together, lots of veggies, and tastes even better than that old bland Spanish rice from the box or bag.

Spanish Cauli-Rice
1 head of cauliflower, grated*
1 Tablespoon olive oil
2 tomatoes, chopped
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1/4 cup onion, chopped
1/4 cup bell pepper, chopped (can use any color, for a more authentic taste, use green.  I like to use a little of yellow & green for more pops of color)
1 jalapeño, seeded, deveined & chopped
1 & 1/2 teaspoons salt
1 & 1/2 teaspoons cumin
1/2 cup water
Trim the florets of cauliflower from the stem & leaves.  Place the florets in a food processor fitted with the grating attachment.  Process until all the florets have been turned into "rice"  You can also use a box cheese grater & do this by hand.

Heat the oil in a large skillet or dutch oven over medium heat.  Add the tomatoes, onion, bell & jalapeño peppers, and garlic.  Saute for about 5 minutes, stirring frequently, until onions start to look translucent.  Add in cauliflower and continue cooking for 5-7 more minutes.
Add in cumin, salt, and water.  Stir to combine, and then cover for 5 minutes to let the cauli-rice steam.  Remove lid and continue cooking until all the water has absorbed, stirring every few minutes. 


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