Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The ONE thing I Only Buy From Wal-Mart....

First things first, I have nothing against Wally-world...after all, they carry everything from bicycle helmets and hot glue guns to milk and bacon, (talk about one-stop shopping) PLUS they price match, so in all honesty I love Wal-Mart for that.  However, grocery shopping is my "thing".  I know it may sound weird, but it's what makes my heart go pitter-patter.  Some people go for long runs, others like a cup of coffee and a juicy magazine, but for me, it's a grocery store with a beautiful produce section and more cheese and meat than the eye can count.  It is truly my happy place!  For that reason, I tend to shop where there is a higher variety of foods versus a higher variety of merchandise.  I can hardly control my excitement when I think about the fact that all the local famer's markets open in just 4 short days!  Seriously, I would compare it to a 4 year-old anticipating Christmas morning.   The fresh flowers, the home-grown produce, and all the homemade goodies....I am pretty sure I will give myself new wrinkles from smiling so much thinking about it this week. LOL!

All that being said, there is one thing in my mind Wal-Mart has mastered and will always keep me coming back.  The bagged Caesar Salad. 

I am pretty sure you are laughing at me right now.   Seriously though, it IS delicious!  And I'm going to confess, if I am going to "cheat" and eat wheat/grains, those butter-flavored croutons in this kit are on my Top 10 list.  Every single time I make this for guests they ask for the recipe.  It still cracks me up when I write "trip to Walmart" on a card and give it to them.  That one never gets old. Lol!
Now that my big secret is out of the bag, you better believe it's on the menu for dinner tonight, maybe I'll have it for lunch too.   


  1. LOL! I love it! Because of you, it's also one of my favorites!

  2. Awesome! I buy a lot of my organic stuff at Walmart, surprisingly. Organic coffee and organic spaghetti sauce surprised me! It's one of the three grocery stores that I hit at the beginning of the month! Happy shopping!